Schmölders prize 2023 awarded to Arthur Seibold

The winner of the 2023 Schmölders prize, Arthur Seibold (right), with Robert Schwager, chair of the standing committee public economics.

In this contribution, Arthur Seibold analyses determinants of retirement decisions using administrative data of the German public pension system. He finds that entry into retirement is much more heavily concentrated at statury retirement ages than can be explained by financial incentives alone. Instead, observed behavior is in line with a behavioural theory where statutory ages are reference points. Politically, shifting these reference points provides a cost efficient way to induce later retirement.

By combining economic theory, in-depth institutional knowlegde, and evidence based policy analysis, the work by Arthur Seibold is placed in Günter Schmölders’ tradition of behavioural economic and social science research. The contribution shows the potential of Schmölders’ approach for research in public economics.

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